Professional Wrestling · Short stories

The big red monster

Ary got five stitches that afternoon in his head. After he was brought home by one of the school caretakers, his mom called his dad on the office telephone from a local telephone booth in a state of panic. His dad rushed back home, and they took him to the nearest doctor. It didn’t hurt much while the doctor made those stitches. “Wow, he is such a nice kid, didn’t cry at all”, the doctor exclaimed in relief after finishing all the stitches and smiled at his parents, while Ary rested on the doctor’s bed. “He needs some good rest now, no school and no studying for the next few weeks”, the doctor stated in a saintly voice. Suddenly Ary felt very very happy, thinking of all the hours of leisure that lay ahead of him. Mom wouldn’t rush him into “doing things”. Dad wouldn’t scream at him for no reason. He closed his eyes, in comfort, and dreamt of all the fun times he would have back in his house as the countless matches between Penta X and the big red monster Kane would play out in his head, absolutely shielded from outside interference.





Ary never stopped watching pro-wrestling. Though with the arrival of the internet he eventually learned that it was all scripted, he never lost interest in the product. The big red monster continued featuring on the TV for another two decades. At some point he took the mask off and again he put it back on. But Penta X never managed to get out of the deep recess of his mind and see the daylight. As Ary got older the real world got him more busy with board examinations, engineering entrance examinations and of course girls. He slowly forgot about Penta X.


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